PikCars is a three-phased project, find out exactly how.


Pikcars is a peer2peer ridesharing service of our pikcars ecosystem. Pikcars ridesharing app combine Mapping/Geo-location function, Driving direction solution, Google Map (mapping software) and a notification system (email, sms and push notification) to provide an easy peer2peer ridesharing mobile app.

Pikcars major features:
VOIP calls between Riders and Drivers.
Built in app chats between Riders and Drivers.
Payment with Cryptocurrency and Fiat.
Written Review System + Star Rating System.


Pikpay is an ethereum based payment solution integrated on our ridesharing mobile app to facilitate seamless, fast, cheaper and secure transaction. Pikpay payment gateway uses Piik the native token of Pikcars ecosystem to power all transaction on the ecosystem.

Users can manage, spend and hold their crypto assets on the Pikpay wallet. Upon creating an account on Pikcars mobile app, users can create a Pikpay wallet with just a password. Users can recieve, store, spend and transfer Pik token on the Pikpay wallet. In the future we will integrate other crypto assets into the Pikpay wallet.

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Pikconnect is a location based social network on the PikCars mobile app which allow user to connect with others users within their location. Pikconnect is designed to create a social community within the Pikcars ecosystem and enhance users experience.

PikConnect users can:

Upload up to 6 pictures and setup their pikconnect profile.

Locals – a user can see and view profiles of other users within their location.

User can chat, call and connect with other Pikconnect users.

User can see and view profile of those riding on Pikcars within their location. (Destination of riders will be hidden due to security and privacy.)

Riders can chose to hide their profile from others while riding.

A pikconnect user can pay for a ride of another user riding directly from their pikpay wallet.

Pikconnect users can create videos and pictures of their moments and upload to the Pikconnect trending box. This box is region based and the moments last for 12hours.

In the future, pikconnect users will be able to sponsor and promote their products on Pikconnect.