About PikCars

Discover the idea, purpose and detail behind PikCars.

Project Summary

Pikcars is a hybrid start-up aimed at tokenizing the ride-sharing industry through our blockchain based payment solution called Pikpay. Pikcars combine ridesharing, blockchain payment solution and location based social network. Pikcars is a hybrid app that combines the traditional system with the blockchain technology to provide a seamless, cashless, cheaper and secure transaction settlement. Riders can also pay with fiat, payment with our token at a discounted price.

Riders can call and chat with drivers directly from their ridesharing app, riders can connect and chat with other users within their location through Pikconnect our location based social search platform integrated on the Pikcars mobile app.

We believe that blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is the future, we will use the underlying advantages of this technology to tokenize ride-sharing and intergrate social connect to enhance users experience. There are three layers of the Pikcars ecosystem

Token Utility

Pik token is a consumptive utility token designed specifically to power transaction the Pik-ecosystem. UtIlity tokens represent a unit of account for the network. The bigger the network grows, the more utility in the token, because the number of tokens is fixed.

UtIlity tokens have a use case and are not designed as investments, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t bring any profit. They have a certain use case inside the project and don’t represent a company’s share. Utility tokens may grow in price, if the demand for service or product increases. So buying tokens of a project like PikCars, that solves real world problems and is constantly being developed and improved, may give great profit in future.

Riders will enjoy upto 20% discount on their rides when they pay with our Pik token and drivers will enjoy upto 5% incentive when they receive payment in Pik token.

This is to incentivize and encourage the usage of our Pikpay blockchain payment solution. This payment solution is an entirely new concept to majority of users in emerging markets hence the need to incentivize and encourage users to learn and use it at a cheaper rates. The company will draft a cheaper and competitive rates to ensure a robust market and evolve with demand and supply.

Stay informed with the PikCars whitepaper